University Scholars Seminars
These informal seminars, held every two weeks, bring together graduate and professional school University Scholars, undergraduate scholars, and interested faculty, as well as distinguished visiting scholars, scientists and artists.  There are typically six seminars per semester, and topics depend on the guest speakers’ areas of expertise.  Students of all levels are encouraged to lead a seminar on their own work-in-progress or on a topic of particular interest to them. Faculty and student seminar hosts share their ideas with a lay but intellectually engaged audience from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and discuss how interdisciplinary perspectives can impact the issues presented.
University Scholars Mentoring
An informal, intellectual mentoring program offers interdisciplinary research possibilities, helps to shape multidisciplinary interests into an interdisciplinary program, and encourages collaborative thinking and intellectual risk-taking.  Mentors can also provide insights on life experiences, job searching, or applying for graduate or professional school.
University Scholars Breakfasts
USP Breakfasts bring University Scholars together once a month in the casual setting of campus cafés to talk about matters ranging from the practical to the esoteric.
Cultural Programming
Duke Performances offers reduced price student tickets to all Duke students to live music, dance, and other arts events on campus and off.  Audience members often have the opportunity to engage with the artist(s) during discussions scheduled either before or after their performance.