Scholarship Funding

Undergraduate University Scholars
Undergraduate University Scholars receive a University Scholarship providing full-tuition plus a stipend towards room, board and mandatory fees for eight semesters. Summer sessions at Duke are not covered by the scholarship, but eligible students may apply for additional support through the Office of Financial Aid. Additionally, Duke University will meet 100% of the demonstrated need of all admitted University Scholars who are U.S. citizens or non-citizens eligible for student aid. University Scholars can expect that any additional demonstrated financial need beyond the costs covered by the scholarship will be covered by grants, not loans. For example, Financial Aid will also provide grants to cover the cost of health insurance for those students who cannot afford it on their own or round-trip travel to and from Duke and home.
For more details on financial support for undergraduate University Scholars, please visit the Merit Scholarship Recipients page on the Duke Financial Aid website.  This page provides information on the following topics:
  • What exactly does the USP award cover?  What is not covered by the USP?
  • What if I choose a smaller meal plan than what the USP covers?  What if I choose a larger one?
  • What if I decide to live off-campus?  Does the USP still cover my housing costs?
  • I want to study away for a semester.  How does my USP scholarship work with study abroad, whether it’s a Duke study abroad program or a non-Duke study abroad program that has been approved by the Office of Global Education?
  • Does the USP pay for summer sessions at Duke?
  • What happens to my USP award if I have outside scholarships?
  • Can I apply for work-study as a merit scholarship recipient?
Graduate and Professional School University Scholars
Graduate and professional school University Scholars receive the equivalent of one year’s tuition as calculated by the Graduate and Professional Schools. Many University Scholars graduate students also have J.B. Duke funding, the Dean’s Graduate Fellowship or other additional funding sources from individual professional schools, as well. The scholar’s individual department or professional program determines how the funds will be distributed and what eligibility standards (departmental service such as a research assistantship or instructorship, for example) accompany the funding, if any. Graduate and professional school University Scholars are expected to remain involved in the University Scholars Program for the duration of their tenure as students at Duke to ensure continuity of mentoring as well as sustained commitment to the intellectual development of the USP as a whole.