University Scholars Mentoring
An informal, intellectual mentoring program offers interdisciplinary research possibilities, helps to shape multidisciplinary interests into an interdisciplinary program, and encourages collaborative thinking and intellectual risk-taking.  Mentoring also allows for more informal advising and conversations about life experience and development.  Mentoring in the USP is a student-driven endeavor.  Relationships are established between pairs of graduate or professional school students and undergraduates.  All mentors/mentees are required to meet at least twice per semester, if not more frequently.  The USP will reimburse up to $12 per person, twice a semester, or a maximum of $24 per person per semester.
Students in PhD programs who are beyond their 1st year may be in the Duke@Work system.  Click here for a step-by-step PDF instruction guide: Duke@Work Miscellaneous Reimbursement Instructions.
1st year PhD students and professional school students are often NOT in the Duke@Work system.  In that case, you can submit the paper Miscellaneous Reimbursement form along with along with a PDF or JPG of your receipt(s) and submit them to the USP Director via email. Click here for a step-by-step PDF instruction guide: Miscellaneous Reimbursement Instructions.