Grant Funding and Internal Awards

Undergraduate University Scholars Summer Enrichment Program
Undergraduate University Scholars in good standing may receive support up to $7000 for an intensive internship, research experience, or summer abroad. Typically, students receive such funding for the summer following their third year, although in some cases, students have received permission to use funding sooner. Students eligible for summer enrichment funding must demonstrate active participation in USP seminars and events, in addition to being in good academic standing.
Students must submit a proposal, a letter of support from a faculty advisor, and a detailed budget (guidelines are available online on the USP Sakai site). Upon their return, students must submit a brief report summarizing the experience and lead a USP seminar to discuss their projects with other University Scholars.
Conference Funding for Graduate and Professional School Students
Each year, graduate or professional school University Scholars who have already utilized departmental or school funding for one conference may apply for funding for up to $500 to support a second presentation at an interdisciplinary conference or a conference outside of their primary discipline. Students who are not yet eligible for departmental or Graduate School funding (prior to passing their preliminary exams) are also eligible. Students must submit a conference paper abstract and a budget to the director for approval of the use of USP conference funds. Request forms for conference funding are available via a form-fillable PDF: USP GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL CONFERENCE TRAVEL AWARD APPLICATION
Once approved and after travel has been completed, students may apply for reimbursement up to $500 for their conference travel either via Duke@Work or via paper form submissions.  Students in PhD programs who are beyond their 1st year may be in the Duke@Work system.  Click here for a step-by-step PDF instruction guide: Duke@Work Miscellaneous Reimbursement Instructions.
1st year PhD students and professional school students are often NOT in the Duke@Work system.  In that case, you can submit the paper Miscellaneous Reimbursement form along with along with a PDF or JPG of your receipt(s) and submit them to the USP Director via email. Click here for a step-by-step PDF instruction guide: Miscellaneous Reimbursement Instructions.
USP Graduate Consul Award
All graduate and professional school University Scholars who have completed their first year are eligible to apply for a position as a Graduate Consul with the program. Graduate Consuls receive a generous fellowship of $4000 per year and the opportunity to substantially shape the program’s development. Graduate Consuls may reapply to serve for more than one year and are encouraged to do so. Grad Consul responsibilities include coordinating mentor relationships, working with undergraduates who need advice, organizing coffees, coordinating and attending USP seminars as their schedules allow, supervising symposium committees, and assisting the Director with other requests.