How to Apply

The University Scholars Program welcomes incoming undergraduate, graduate and professional school students to Duke University.  It is not possible to apply directly to the University Scholars Program.  Read on below for more on applying as a prospective undergraduate or graduate and/or professional school student.
Undergraduate Applicants:
The University Scholars Program scholarship is intended for incoming freshmen only. Transfer students or students already enrolled at Duke are not eligible.
It is not possible or necessary to apply directly to the University Scholars Program. There are no supplemental forms or materials to submit. All that is needed is to apply for admission to Duke University in the normal manner. It is a policy of long standing that the Admissions Office considers all applicants for admission for every appropriate scholarship.
As University Scholars are selected in part on the basis of financial need, it is imperative to file any required financial aid forms as early as possible, preferably by mid-February in order to ensure full consideration in a timely manner. The financial aid forms include the PROFILE, FAFSA, W-2 and tax forms, and any other required forms. For more information, go to the Office of Financial Aid website. For details on required forms and deadlines, please click here.
For more detail on the undergraduate application selection process, please click here.
Graduate and Professional School Applicants:
The University Scholars fellowship is for incoming graduate and professional school students only.  Students already enrolled in graduate or professional school degree programs at Duke are not eligible.
It is not possible or necessary to apply to the University Scholars Program directly.  Candidates for PhD programs are nominated by the Director of Graduate Studies of the department to which they are applying.  Their selection was narrowed down by the Dean of the Graduate School and further narrowed and confirmed by the Director of the USP.
Professional school candidates are selected by the Admissions and Financial Aid offices of the respective professional schools to which the students are applying. USP fellowships are available to incoming students from the Divinity School, the Fuqua School of Business, the Law School, the Nicholas School of the Environment, the Sanford School of Public Policy, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing.
Graduate and professional school University Scholars are selected for being outstanding, innovative students who have exhibited wide interdisciplinary interests and commitments. They show evidence of profiting by intellectual collaboration and interchange at the very highest levels. They are good communicators who can share their specialized knowledge. They are excited by ideas and are capable of seeing how ideas from other fields can be translated into their own course of study. Finally, they are eager and willing to convey their ideas with undergraduates and other graduate or professional school students who seek a better understanding of their areas of expertise.
Those interested in applying for admission to Duke should contact the appropriate department or school for more information.
Terms of the Fellowship:
The terms vary among the departments and professional schools. At the minimum, funding covers the equivalent of one year’s tuition.  Students chosen as University Scholars are expected to remain involved in the University Scholars Program for the duration of their tenure as students at Duke University.