Trump in the Age of Captain America

As part of the Wednesday at the Center series, the John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies welcomed Professor Jason Dittmer to speak about President Trump’s populism in the context of Captain America.


Duke welcomed Professor Jason Dittmer to discuss the unexpected relationship between Captain America and President Trump on February 15, 2017. Dittmer is a Professor in the Department of Geography at the University College London.


Dittmer speaks at Duke

The John Hope Franklin Center and the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies hosted the packed event which focused on Trump’s populism, power, and sforeign policy in relation to the wildly popular Captain America comics and movies. Professor Dittmer discussed the theory that President Trump is the embodiment of American New Populism and masculinity, similarly to how Captain America is portrayed.


Dittmer compared the politics of Captain America with the politics of President Trump, noting that citizens of both the right and left have used Captain America to advance and undermine President Trump’s rhetoric and policies.  Dittmer went on to say, “We have this notion of [Trump] as a superhero or as someone who needs to be fought by super heroic action.”


During his visit, Dittmer also gave a lecture entitled “The UK in the World/the World in the UK” which featured research from his forthcoming book, “Diplomatic Material: Affect, Assemblage, and Foreign Policy” (Duke University Press, 2017).