Open Spaces

Outside of the classrooms and conference rooms the John Hope Franklin Center has to offer are its many open spaces. The Center’s leadership developed the architectural designs of the Center in concert with its intellectual goals: creating a physical space that both reflected and inflected the intellectual space of interdisciplinarity. It is in these interstitial spaces where some of the Center’s most interesting work gets done. Included in these open spaces are an art gallery, a television and wireless café area, and numerous comfortable alcoves. All of which provide space for students, faculty, or guests to wait for their next class or appointment, to meet for brown bag lunches, or to work on their projects.

JHFC Gallery

The gallery area is located on the first floor in the middle of the building.  Beautiful hardwood flooring is surrounded by spacious walls lit with warm, unobtrusive lighting focused on works of art by local, regional, national, or international artist.

Wireless Cafe
This spacious L-shaped area has a bright, open feel to it. The many round tables and chairs are augmented by several couches, providing a place for faculty, staff, and students to work, but also allowing for informal meetings, snacks, even a quick nap!

Snug in the corners of the Franklin Center are sheltered alcoves where the sunlight streams in on plants and places to sit. These spaces are perfect places to wait, or catch your breath.