Meeting Spaces

Available Meeting Spaces

(All meeting spaces have wireless internet connectivity available via Duke’s MobileNet).
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Conference Room 240 (Franklin Center)
Capacity: 65 – 80
Primary Functions: Public Lectures, Conferences, Film Screenings, Receptions & Formal Dinners, Seminars

Technologies Available: Data/Video Projection inputs, built-in Mac Mini computer, DVD,PAL/NTSC/SECAM VHS Video, Document Projection, Webcasting, HD Audio & Video Recording,

Room 230/232   (Franklin Center)
Capacity: 30
Primary Functions: Technology-intensive meetings, seminars, working groups and class sessions.

Technologies Available: Wireless room control, Four 50 inch plasma screens, overhead projection, seven inputs fully routable to any display, HD IP-based videoconferencing, built-in Mac Mini computer with Superdrive, AppleTV + Airplay.


Seminar Rooms 130/132  (Franklin Center)
Capacity: 24 (rooms may be divided)
Primary Functions: Administrative Meetings, Seminars, Receptions

Technologies Available: Data/Video Projection, 35mm Slide Projection, Room Audio System (Music CDs)

JHFC Gallery

Capacity: Variable
Primary Functions: Art Gallery, Special Receptions

Technologies Available: Audio System (CD Background Music), PA System

JHFC Classroom 028

Classroom 028  (Franklin Center / Arts & Sciences)
Capacity: 35
Primary Functions: Dedicated Classroom, may be used for other functions as available

Technologies Available: data/video projection for region-free DVD playback and multi-standard VHS videotape playback (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and audio amplification. built-in Mac Mini computer, Wipe Board, Laptop input for overhead projection.

JHFC Classroom 016

Classroom 016A/B  (Franklin Center / Arts & Sciences)
Capacity: 16
Primary Functions: Small Meetings, Seminars, Classroom Use

Technologies Available: built-in Mac Mini computer, TV/VCR Combo, Wipe Board, Laptop input for overhead projection.

Wireless Café (Franklin Center)
Capacity: 50
Primary Functions: Student Study Area, Informal Receptions and meetings.

Technologies Available: Wireless Internet Access, 2 iMac workstations, Television, Stereo