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Acting Director : Giovanni Zanalda
Associate Director: Yan Li

Communications Coordinator: Renate Kwon
Program Coordinator: Ling Jin
Office Manager: Xiaojuan Ping

Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI)

The Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI) is the focal point of research and teaching on the Asian/Pacific region at Duke University. Started in 1981, today APSI has more than 40 core faculty members at Duke and 20 affiliated faculty members from regional universities. It is the largest center for research and teaching on East Asia in the Southeast. The Center sponsors conferences, research, and teaching initiatives, as well as administering various scholarships and fellowships to students, both graduate and undergraduate.
APSI has defined four major components to its mission:

  1. To foster an academic community that ranks in the top tier among US universities
  2. To provide or promote the highest standards of undergraduate and graduate education in East Asian studies
  3. To develop a robust community of East Asia-related scholarship, and to promote awareness of East Asian culture in the Duke and Triangle communities
  4. To provide academic and cultural resources relating to East Asia to schools, colleges, and universities in the southeastern United States.

APSI supports a dynamic group of faculty drawn from a variety of disciplines and is unique in the range of interdisciplinary interests of the faculty. Duke’s East Asian studies faculty offer comprehensive coverage of East Asian politics, societies, history, and cultures. The faculty’s research concentrations in East Asian colonialism, East Asian political economy, Japanese history, and modern Chinese literature, film and cultural studies are among the deepest in the nation.

APSI hosts a highly successful MA program in East Asian studies. There is also an MA/JD program. Graduates of the programs have gone on to jobs in law, multinational business, education, and the federal government; they have also been very successful at placing into PhD programs.

APSI offers support for a wide range of East Asian studies-related initiatives. These include travel and research funds for undergraduates; tuition and research support for graduate students; a vibrant visiting scholars program; research, travel, and course development support for faculty; funds for conferences, colloquia, and study groups; a long-running speaker series and a highly successful film series.