Working Groups

Interdisciplinary Consortium Working Groups

Established in 1990, the Working Groups program provides an environment in which to foster graduate student mentorship, promote inter-disciplinary collaboration, and encourage the production and dissemination of new knowledge. The Working Group format is usually structured around monthly discussion/study sessions, public talks, and workshops, often with invited guest speakers. Membership in Working Groups consists of UNC-Duke faculty and graduate students representing the social sciences, humanities and the professional schools. Each academic year the Consortium supports a number of Working Groups with funds from the Andrew W. Mellon endowment.

Proposing a new Working Group

Tools for existing Working Groups

Italpu Dam by Deni Williams

Electricity in Latin America & the Caribbean

Coordinated by: Prof. Christine Folch (Duke, Cultural Anthropology Department,,...
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Latin American Politics

Challenges to Democracy in 21st Century Latin America  Coordinated by...
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Migration, Gender, and Health in the Americas

 Coordinated by Prof. Clare Barrington (UNC-CH, Health Behavior Department, School...
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