Short films from the 35th Chicago Latino Film Festival

OCT 23 – Wednesday – 7pm | Mandela Auditorium, UNC-CH
Curated by María López. Multiple countries. 100 min.

At 6:30, we will have a special presentation of Three Decades of (programing) Latin American Film Festivals in the U.S.A., with Sharon Mújica, founding director of NCLAFF, and María López programer Chicago Latino Film Festival.

Image of Indigenous man from Only the Moon.

Only the Moon | Solamente la luna           
Director: Maya Cueva. Peru / USA / 2018 / 9 min. English. Animation / Documentary.

Only The Moon is an animated documentary about my father’s immigration story from Peru to the U.S., which visualizes his dreamlike memories of transformation through the ’60s, and what it means to grow old as a Latino immigrant in the age of Trump.

Strength and Cunning | La astucia y la fuerza
Dir. Francisco Novick. Argentina / 2017 / 10 min. Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Documentary.

On the commemoration of the military dictatorship that kidnapped and killed his grandparents, Vicente, a 15-year-old boy, joins his father in a massive demonstration in Buenos Aires. For the first time, Vicente will embrace a central role at the forefront of the march. A story about commitment transcending generations told from the heart of a collective cause. TRAILER

A. Dir. Joe Houlberg. Ecuador / 2018 / 16 min. Comedy.

A world with only one letter. The earliest certain ancestor of “A” is aleph (also written ‘aleph), the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet (which consisted entirely of consonants; for that reason, it is also called an abjad to distinguish it from a true alphabet). In turn, the ancestor of aleph may have been a pictogram of an ox head in proto-Sinaitic script influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphs, styled as a triangular head with two horns extended.

poster from La Memoria de los Peces - a fish in the blue water

Fishes’ Recall | La memoria de los peces
Dir. Christian Mejía Carrascal. Colombia / 2018 / 15 min. Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Drama.

Aníbal, an old fisherman, returns to Nueva Venecia, a town of pile-dwelling houses in the heart of Ciénaga del Magdalena, on the Colombian Caribbean coast, from which he ran away many years ago after a massacre. Sick and exhausted he must rediscover his past to reconcile himself with his memory of pain. TRAILER

Poster from film Palante. Girl takes man's blood pressure.

Dir. Wesley L Rodríguez. Cuba / USA / 2018 / 8 min. Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Drama.

After winning “El Bombo,” the Cuban-US immigration lottery, Estrella and her grandfather, an impoverished Cuban family, prepare for a journey of a lifetime. One step at a time. TRAILER

Still from film Maradentro. Boy and unconscious mermaid.

Dir. Christa Boarini. Guatemala / USA / 2018 / 12 min. Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Drama/Fantasy.

A fantastic discovery gets out of hand when artisanal fisherman Nacho and his young nephew Pato accidentally catch a childlike mermaid in their net. Unsure whether to help her, sell her, or release her back into the ocean, the two of them, along with Pato’s overprotective mother Magda, must decide what to do when a bit of magic invades their world.

Top 10 Places to Visit in São Paulo / Top 10 Lugares em São Paulo Dir: Akira Kamiki. Brazil / 2018 / 14 min. Portuguese & Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Drama/LGBTQ

On a Sunday, two photographers tour São Paulo. Despite a language barrier, they find a way to connect with the city and with each other, slowly falling in love. |TRAILER

Our Ingredients: Corn | Ingredientes nuestros: Maiz       
Dir. César Rodríguez. USA / 2018 / 7 min. Spanish w/ English Subtitles. Documentary. 

Food is a unifying force across our communities. In this short film, we share the stories of three Latinos – each from a different country but now living in the same American city – who come together to share flavors of their homeland, all of which include one central ingredient.

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