Pájaros de verano | Birds of Passage

OCT 22 – Tuesday – 7pm | Carolina Theatre, Durham
Dir. Ciro Guerra, Cristina Gallego. Colombia/Mexico/Denmark. 2018. 125 min.

In the 1970s, as an American-fueled marijuana boom hits Colombia, farmers quickly turn into seasoned businessmen starting a narco-trafficking era known as “La Bonanza Marimbera.” In the Guajira desert, one indigenous Wayúu clan takes a leading role. Guided by matriarch Ursula Pushaina, the “Birds of Passage”—drug runners—face the constant risk of violence and incarceration from the outsiders in Northern Colombia. The cultural differences between the native population and the newcomers begin a brutal war that threatens to destroy the Wayúu way of life. As greed, passion, and honor blend together over the decades, the family’s unity, their lives, and their ancestral traditions are all put at stake.  A true story, the visually striking Birds of Passage is as much a thriller as it is an anthropological study on the consequences of outside influences to indigenous traditions.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/QV0uWf72ZQw

Preceded by short film: Alma no olho (Spirit in the Eye). Dir. Zozimo Bulbul. Brazil. 1974. 11 min. Portuguese with English subtitles.

Inspired by Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver’s book Soul on Ice and dedicated to John Coltrane, Soul in the Eye marks the beginning of Black Brazilian films. The film is a metaphor about slavery and the search for freedom through inner transformation, in a game inspired by concretism.

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