ADFP Curriculum Resource Guides


These Curriculum Resource Guides are designed by the 2016-2017 African Diaspora Fellows. Each Curriculum Resource Guide is crafted around a topic that focuses on the cultures, politics, and/or economics of the African diaspora and includes:

  • Topic description
  • NC Standards aligned to the topic
  • Key concepts
  • Generalizations
  • Inquiry questions
  • A list of annotated resources


Pan-Africanism and Black Internationalism

The Haitian Revolution: Its History and Connection to the Negritude Movement

Created by: Diane Smith, East Mecklenburg High School

Grade/class level: French 4 or 5 AP or IB

Subject areas: World History; History of the Americas; World Literature; French; Global Politics

Tags: The Haitian Revolution; Transatlantic slave trade; Negritude Movement; Toussaint Louverture

Tags (French): La revolution haïtienne; La traite transatlantique; La Négritude; Toussaint Louverture


Power, Home, and the Quest for Many Stories

Created by: Jennifer Mont, Weaver Academy

Grade/class level: English II, EII

Subject areas: English Language Arts; Social Studies

Tags: Storytelling, Power, Home, Implicit Bias


Social Movements, Resistance & Activism

Afrolatinx Identity and Resistance Through Music

Created by: Jamie Shell, TC Roberson High School

Grade/class level: 9th-12th grades

Subject areas: Spanish

Tags: Maintaining identity, resisting assimilation, African roots of mainstream music, societal erasure


Equal Protection Under the Law

Created by: Angela Kitchen, Craven Early College High School

Grade/class level: 9th-12th grades

Subject areas: English Language Arts; Social Studies

Tags: Justice; Democracy; Citizenship; Suffrage; Legal Protections; Rule of Law


Resistance Rhetoric: Analyzing Activist Texts from Abolition to #BlackLivesMatter

Created by: Holly Jordan, Hillside High School

Grade/class level: 9th-12th grades

Subject areas: English Language Arts; Social Studies

Tags: Rhetorical analysis, Social movements, Black Lives Matter, Activism, Text comparison, African-American history, African-American literature


Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

African Slave Trade

Created by: Lauren Boop, Hilburn Drive Academy

Grade/class level: 8th grade

Subject areas: Social Studies

Tags: Slavery, Migration, Trade, Racism, Oppression


“I am unbreakable”: Developing and Maintaining Identity and Other Forms of Resistance to the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Created by: Savannah Cutrell, Gates County High School

Grade/class level: 10th, 11th, & 12th grades

Subject areas: American History: The Founding Principals, Civics & Economics, & American History I

Tags: Methods, Slavery, Resistance, Slave Songs, Quilting Code, Language Use, Identify Development, Enslaved Culture, Enslaved Adaptation


Transatlantic Slave Trade

Created by: Sashir Moore-Sloan, Lowes Grove Magnet Middle School

Grade/class level: 7th grade

Subject areas: Social studies

Tags: Forced Migration, Slavery, Resistance, Racism


Transatlantic Slave Trade: The Binta Project

Created by: Michael Williams, Warren New Tech High School

Grade/class level: 9th-12th grades

Subject areas: Social Studies; World History; American History

Tags: Slavery, Music, Oral History, Resistance & Rebellion, History

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