The Maya Civilization

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Grade Level: 2-5. This book set highlights the history and developments of one of the best-known classical civilizations of Mesoamerica and a diverse and vibrant community today spanning five countries. The stories and activities provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Mayan hieroglyphics, architecture, language and religious practices. Books include:

  • Journey Into Civilization: The Maya by Robert Nicholson
  • Popol Vuj: Libro Sagrado de los Mayas by Victor Montejo
  • El Pueblo Maya Yucateco: Imagenes de Una Cultura Viva by Andres Silva Piotrowsky
  • Maya Designs by Wilson G. Turner
  • Aprendamos de Uxmal by Editorial Dante
  • The Figures of Jaina by Editorial Dante
  • Secrets in Stone: All About Maya Hieroglyphs by Laurie Coulter
  • Do You Know a Melipona Bee? by Denielle Emans
  • La Historia de los Aluxes by Xochitl Castañeda
  • Maya Art Design: Coloring Book by Editorial San Fernando
  • How the Maya Lived: Coloring Book by Roxanne Burns and David Grepe
  • A Coloring Book of Incas, Aztecs, & Mayas by Bellerophon Books

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