Afro-Brazilian History & Culture

Sharing the Riches of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture

Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Syllabi and Handouts

by John D. French, Duke History Professor

This publication provides an introduction to the historical trajectory of African-descended people in Brazil. Section I provides sample undergraduate syllabi for an interdisciplinary survey of the Afro-Brazilian experience using various media.  The handouts in section II and the collection of maps and statistical tables in section IV work together to lay a foundation of basic knowledge needed by students who are approaching the Brazilian case for the first time. Section III contains a systematic comparative schema designed to illuminate the U.S./Brazilian juxtaposition that stands at the heart of so much of the transnational bewilderment in our teaching here in the United States. And finally, the graduate syllabi in sections V and VI provide clear bibliographical guidance on the development of the English-language interdisciplinary historiography for Brazilian race relations and Afro-Brazilian culture.  In addition to familiarizing themsevles with seventy years of stimulating scholarly discussion, the reader will also encounter an up-to-the-date point of entry into the remarkable renaissance of literature on race, culture, nation, and power in Brazil during the 1990s.

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