Narrating Nature

These tree short films are the product of Narrating Nature: Documentaries for Environmental Studies course. Spring 2017.

Restoring Nature. The case of Sandy Creek Park. (2017) 14.09′.Jane Liu, Paulina Miranda, Hayley Hanway, Ryan Briggs, Liz Kennedy. Featuring Robert Hayley. Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, Instructor.

Restoring Nature, shows the work of the local Durham Community to recover a wetland that was transformed in a water treatment plant for Duke University in the 1930s. By working together, scholars, activists, civil society, and the local government, today Sandy Creek is fully restored. An rural/urban habitat for many species that co-habit in harmony in one of the most rapid grown urban areas in the South of the United States.

Taking Action. Duke’s Climate Plan. (2017) 13″. Sun Zhe Cao, Jamie Lockwood, Ethan Miler, Eliza Letourneau. Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, Instructor.

By 2024 Duke University wants to reach carbon neutrality, this short film shows some of the ways Duke University is addressing to get there. Featuring Charles Adair, Duke Carbon Offset Initiative; Lori Bennear, Duke Nicholas School Faculty, Energy Initiative.

LEEDing the Way. (2017) 8.20′. Charlotte Gosnel, ConorMakepece, Michaela Unda, Lola Sanchez-Carrión. Miguel Rojas-Sotelo, Instructor. (2017)

LEED means leader in energy and environmental design. To be LEED certify a construction has to meet a set of standards according to UGSBC. By using green materials, natural light, alternative energy sources, etc., a building can reach the certification. Duke University has 41 buildings that are LEED certified. This observational film looks to some of them and their everyday use.


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