Latin American Gardens

In an effort to bring history and culture alive, we are supporting the creation of Latin American gardens throughout the Durham community. By planting several plants that are native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, we will get a diverse garden that showcases plants unique to certain countries. These gardens will also encourage others to learn more about the agriculture and environment of different Latin American countries. Working in teams, students will plant in the garden and learn how to work in it successfully.


The Latin American Garden Resources guide includes a curriculum on school gardens/Latin American food, benefits and funding opportunities for school gardens, information on Latin American vegetables, and even some example gardens.

Students, parents, and staff at Reedy Fork Elementary School plant a Latin American garden. April, 2016.


Past events:

Oak Hill Elementary School Family Gardening Day                                                         Reedy Fork Elementary School Family Gardening Day


Future collaborations:

The Hub Farm – Durham Public Schools

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