Latin America in Translation Call for Proposals

2019-20 Call for Proposals

In the English-speaking world, Latin Americans are more often written about than read. As a result, the educated public in the United States continues to learn most of what it does know about the region from Latin Americanists who are themselves foreigners to the national realities they study. Since October 1990, the UNC and Duke Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies has undertaken an effort to address this imbalance by establishing an ongoing editorial series, “Latin America in Translation/En Traducción/Em Tradução.”

The Latin America in Translation Series is a joint initiative of the UNC and Duke Consortium, Duke University Press (DUP), and the University of North Carolina Press (UNCP) and is directed by an editorial committee of faculty members and editors from the three sponsoring institutions. Since 1993, more than 40 books have been published in the series with more forthcoming regularly.

The Series translates and publishes in English outstanding books in a wide range of fields by important Latin American writers and scholars. It helps to further dialogue across academic communities in Latin America and the English-speaking world. And it brings Latin American content to students and scholars in other fields of study.

The books must have already been published in the original language.

While most topics in the social sciences and humanities are considered, the committee gives highest consideration to those works that, once translated, will be most likely to attract a significant readership in English. The committee does not normally select highly specialized works that will likely be of interest mostly to scholars and professionals who can already read the book in the original language. The committee is particularly eager to translate works that can be used effectively in the classroom.

Nonfiction has a much better chance of being selected than fiction or poetry. Those who submit works of literature, especially, should provide an explanation of potential classroom use. In addition, the cost of translation can be substantial, so works more than 400 pages may exceed the amount of funding available.

Nomination Procedures:

Interested scholars are encouraged to nominate a title for consideration in the series; self-submissions are not invited. Only complete submissions will be accepted. Please include the following:

  1. A completed nomination form: 2019-Nomination-Form-for-Translation-Series
  2. A nomination letter from one or more people, other than the author, that addresses the book’s importance within Latin America and for an English-language audience, as well as its need for translation.
  3. (Recommended) One or two particularly significant published reviews of the book with complete references for the sources.
  4. A copy of the book (A PDF version is fine. If books are more than 400 pages, a couple of chapters, plus the title page, copyright page, and table of contents may suffice).

The deadline for submissions is Friday December 6, 2019. Incomplete submissions, or submissions postmarked after the deadline, will not be accepted.
Please submit materials to, if by email.

Address to use if mailing through US Postal Service:  Latin America in Translation Series, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Box 90254, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0254.

Address to use if mailing via Federal Express or another courier service:  Latin America in Translation Series, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies, 2204 Erwin Road, Room 143 Franklin Center, Durham, NC  27705.

For further information on the Series, please contact Jennifer Prather, Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies,

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