Haitian Creole

French and Creole studies are historically linked through the history of French colonialism in the New World arena, just as Creole and African studies are linked through the African heritage salient in Haitian language, religion, music, and dance, etc. Creole studies are also linked to American studies as Haitian-Americans and Haitian migrants play an increasingly prominent role in US culture; simultaneously, Americans are flocking to Haiti in ever greater numbers for work in NGOs, missions, journalism, academic research, business investments, and relief work.

Duke currently offers various levels of Creole courses, through the Department of Romance Studies. Click here for complete information on the Haitian Creole program at Duke.

The courses are open to students from Duke, UNC, NCCU, NCSU and other institutions through inter-institutional registration. Click here for more information on the inter-institutional registration agreement.

Duke and UNC graduate students can apply for Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship funding to study Creole at Duke.

Senior lecturer in Haitian Creole, Jacques Pierre, has created a series of videos on Haitian Creole proverbs for students to become familiar with Creole.

Jacques Pierre Haiti Lab

Exploring Haiti while playing in Haitian Creole

Traveling through Haitian Creole Proverbs

Duke Students Forging a Bond with Haiti

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