Gender & Sexuality in Latin American and the Caribbean

image of the antimonument to victims of sexual violence

Coordinated by:
Prof. Florence Babb (Anthropology, UNC,
Prof. Pete Sigal (History, Duke,
Martha Liliana Espinosa (History, Duke)
Natalie Gasparowicz (History, Duke)
Sydney Marshall (History, Duke)
Emily Taylor (History, UNC)

This working group aims to provide an intellectual setting in which students and faculty interested in Latin America and the Caribbean can engage in interdisciplinary discussions on the specific ways in which gender and sexuality are articulated in terms of class, religiosity, ethnicity, citizenship, indigeneity, and nation in the region. We seek to offer a site of intersectional reflection on the ways in which these contingent categories interact to shape the lived realities of peoples throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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