Environment and Energy Sector in Latin America & the Caribbean

wind turbine in the desert

Coordinated by: Prof. Dalia Patiño Echeverri (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke, dalia.patino@duke.edu), Prof. Christine Folch (Cultural Anthropology, Duke, christine.folch@duke.edu), Prof. Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke, Elizabeth.shapiro@duke.edu), Prof. Jennifer Swenson (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke, jennifer.swenson@duke.edu), Juan Llano Caldas (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke), Matías Conti (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke), Martin Dietz (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke), Mauricio Hernández (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke), Amanda Ullman (Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke)

This group aims to foster a dialogue concerning critical environmental issues affecting Latin America, and improve the understanding of the social, historical, political, and cultural contexts in which these environmental issues are embedded. It also seeks to create a space for studying the many challenges and opportunities in the energy sector of Latin America and the Caribbean through the lens of environmental sustainability. In addition to guided discussions, the group will create opportunities for students and faculty to present and discuss their own work, and to provide valuable feedback to other members. The group will also host guest speakers from Latin America, some through visits to campus and some through virtual web meetings.

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