El pueblo soy yo: Venezuela en populismo | I am the People: Venezuela under Populism

still from I am the People

NOV 02 – Saturday – 7pm | Durham Tech Community College, ERC Auditorium

Dir. Carlos Oteyza. Written by:  Enrique Krauze. Mexico. Venezuela. 2018. 87 min.

Carlos Oteyza, Venezuela’s most prolific documentary filmmaker, and renowned Mexican historian Enrique Krauze explore the forces that led to Hugo Chávez’s rise to power and Nicolás Maduro’s rule after Chávez’s death. This comprehensive and level-headed documentary leaves no stone unturned in presenting Venezuela as a case study for the kind of populist politics, from both the right and the left, that have shaken and are still shaking democratic governments worldwide.

Introduction by Ambassador Patrick Duddy, former US Ambassador to Venezuela.

Special presentation with UPROOTED. The Faces of the Venezuelan Crisis. With UNC Journalist Students.

Decodes the political and economic crisis in Venezuela by telling the stories of families who have fled to Medellín, Colombia. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers and policy when covering Venezuela and its intrinsic, historic connection with Colombia. We hope these stories of struggle, resilience, acceptance and tension can provide clarity and encourage people to join the conversation and take action.

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