La Cordillera de los sueños | The Cordillera of Dreams

OCT 20 – Sunday – 7pm | Rubenstein Arts Center Film Theater, Duke
Dir. Patricio Guzmán. Chile. 2019. 85 minutes

The director visual love letter to its country, the body-geography, past and present. “In Chile, when the sun rises, it had to climb hills, walls and tops before reaching the last stone of the Cordillera. In my country, the Cordillera is everywhere. But for the Chilean citizens, it is an unknown territory. After going North for Nostalgia for the Light and South for The Pearl Button, I now feel ready to shoot this immense spine to explore its mysteries, powerful revelations of Chile’s past and present history.” ‒ Patricio Guzmán

(This screening will be preceded by: Three Decades of Latin American Film Festivals in the U.S.A., a conversation with José A. (Pepe) Vargas, director and founder of the Chicago Latino Film Festival and Sharon Mujica, founder of the North Carolina Latin American Film Festival.


Part of the NCLAFF Environmental Series

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