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Faculty Facilitator(s) *
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Graduate Student participants *
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Proposal Narrative – Statement of General Purpose *
Including how the proposed activities will support serious academic research by faculty and graduate students, and/or prepare graduate students for such research.


Proposal Narrative – Overall Goals of the proposed working group.
(for example: understanding the impact of natural resource extraction on indigenous culture, developing policies to improve health services for women immigrants, to publish a volume of collected work as a group, etc.)


Proposal Narrative – Identify at least three measurable learning objectives specifically linked to the group’s proposed activities.
(Learning objectives could be: understanding methodologies used by different disciplines studying the same theme, professional presentation skills, learning to develop curriculum materials, understanding the job market, etc.)


Proposal Narrative – Tentative schedule of activities planned for each semester.
(These should be evenly distributed between the UNC and Duke campuses.) For guest speakers, please provide as much detail as possible (i.e., name of guest, their affiliation, proposed date of visit, title of talk(s), description of other activities in which they would participate during their visit, co-sponsorship to be sought from other units, etc.). Please also include a copy of each guest speaker’s curriculum vitae or short bio.


Proposal Narrative – Plans for Promotion
Promotion of activities among both university communities and the community at large.


Proposal Narrative – Name(s) of Graduate Student Coordinator(s) (if applicable).


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Send your proposals to Miguel Rojas-Sotelo


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