CHATARRA (2015) 5min.

A short animated film made with scrap metal, that traces memories of life in a world in transformation. / Un corto hecho con chatarra, presenta las memorias de una vida en un mundo en transformación

ALTO EL JUEGO (2016) 6min.

In the middle of a war, a boy and a dog try to protect themselves. A nothing innocent game. / En el medio de un conflicto bélico, un niño y un perro tratan de protegerse. Un juego nada inocente. /  No meio de um conflito bélico, um menino e um cachorro tentam se proteger. Um jogo nada inocente.

Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe / Selkirk. Pirates of the Seven Seas. Walter Tournier (Uruguay) 2012. 65min.


Selkirk is a rebellious and selfish pirate, he is the pilot of the Esperanza (Hope), an English galleon that crosses the seas of the south in search of treasures. Selkirk has plucked his present and future savings, gaining the enmity of the crew and above all of Captain Bullock, who decides to leave him on a desert island. There he must bury his desires for ambition and face a new way of seeing the world.

Selkirk es un pirata rebelde y egoísta, es el piloto del Esperanza, galeón inglés que surca los mares del sur en busca de tesoros. A falta de buques enemigos, los corsarios se entretienen apostando y en poco tiempo Selkirk ha desplumado sus ahorros presentes y futuros, ganándose le enemistad de la tripulación y sobretodo del capitán Bullock, quien decide abandonarlo en una isla desierta. Allí debe sepultar sus deseos de ambición y encarar una nueva manera de ver el mundo.


Spanish with English subtitles.


About Walter Tournier Studios:

The Tournier Animation studio has specialized in the Stop Motion technique. It counts on a team of technicians who elaborate scripts, storyboards, designs, animation, production, digital postproduction, edition, sound and music, as well as the production of models and dolls from the metallic structure to the coating with different materials (silicone, latex , plasticine, etc.)

Walter Tournier has a vast curriculum in animated films and documentaries. He has received international awards and recognitions in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Spain, France, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others.

Tournier studios has produced work such as In spite of Everything and the series The Rights of the Child (OAS) which broadcasted in more than two hundred television stations in Latin America. Also for Discovery Kids and the TV of Wales  with The Boss and the Carpenter and Caribbean Christmas (2011).  Tournier’s short film Nuestro Pequeño Paraíso was selected as one of the best animated films of the 20th century by the Annecy Festival, France in the year 2000. In 2009 a series of spots on water care for O.S.E. of Uruguay and Tonky, series of 26 chapters in co-production with TVE of Brazil, KRO of Holland and Canal Encounter of Argentina. In 2012 the feature film premiered “Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe” co-produced with La Suma de Uruguay, Maíz Producciones de Argentina and Cineanimadores de Chile.


Walter Tournier (born July 14, 1944) is a Uruguayan director of animated and documentary films, who is closely identified with that country’s enterprising filmmaking community. His work has been well-received both at home and at film festivals in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

Tournier studied architecture at the University of Uruguay, but decided that his true vocation was filmmaking. He joined C3M (Spanish: Cinemateca del Tercer Mundo) in 1969. He produced his debut film, In the Forest There Is Much to Do, prior to C3M’s dissolution in 1974, using cutout animation to tell the story of a father who tries to make his young daughter understand the reason for his incarceration as a political prisoner.


He then lived as an exile in Peru from the military dictatorship in Uruguay until 1985. There he dedicated himself to archaeology, which he studied at the National University of San Marcos in Lima. He also made several short films. During this period, he developed many of the animation techniques that he later applied with considerable success throughout his career such as the use of materials and technologies that he found locally.


Tournier founded Imagenes Studio with producer Mario Jacob in 1986, where he served as head of animation. Among other films, he directed The Hiding Places of the Sun (1990), which showed the aftermath of eleven years of dictatorship in Uruguay through the eyes of children. In addition, he made documentaries and coordinated an animation workshop that resulted in the environmental miniseries Mother Earth. In 1994 he funded, Tournier Animation.


In 2012, following a succession of short films and television miniseries, he directed the first full-length animated picture to be made in Uruguay entitled Selkirk, the Real Robinson Crusoe, with distribution by The Walt Disney Company. The production used puppet animation to present the life of 18th-century Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk. It was acclaimed by Montevideo’s El País newspaper as “a visual delight that is rarely found in a movie that is not British or American.”


Tournier’s work has been shown at film festivals in Latin America, Spain, France, Germany and the United States. His internationally awarded animated films include The Condor and the Fox (1980), The Disobedient Carnation (1981), Our Small Paradise (1983), Optical Illusions (1983), The Boss and the Carpenter (2000), Caribbean Christmas (2001) and In Spite of Everything (2003). In 2002 he received the Prince Claus Award from the Netherlands for his contributions to culture.

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