• Dennis A. Clements

    Dennis A. Clements

    Co-Director, Consortium (Duke)
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  • Lou Pérez, Jr.

    Lou Pérez, Jr.

    Co-Director, Consortium, (UNC)
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  • Natalie Hartman

    Natalie Hartman

    Associate Director, FLAS Coordinator
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  • Beatriz Riefkohl Muñiz

    Beatriz Riefkohl Muñiz

    Executive Director, Dir. of Undergraduate Study, FLAS Coordinator
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  • Kenneth Maffitt

    Kenneth Maffitt

    Academic Program Coordinator (CLACS)
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  • Hannah Gill

    Hannah Gill

    Associate Director (ISA), Director of the Latino Migration Project
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  • Hannah Palmer

    Resident Director Yucatec Maya Institute
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  • Miguel Rojas-Sotelo

    Miguel Rojas-Sotelo

    Special Events Coordinator & NC Latin American Film Festival Director
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  • Joanna Shuett

    Joanna Shuett

    Department Manager
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  • Corin Manuela Zaragoza Estrera

    Corin Manuela Zaragoza Estrera

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  • Jennifer Prather

    Jennifer Prather

    Staff Assistant
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