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Coordinated by: Prof. Emil Keme (Romance Studies, UNC-CH, edelvall@email.unc.edu); Prof. Andrew Curley (Geography, UNC-CH, apcurley@email.unc.edu), Yesenia Pedro Vicente (Graduate School, UNC), Ana Ramírez (Anthropology, UNC), Alyssa Skarbek (History, UNC), Samuel Hunnicutt (Romance Studies, Duke), Majerle Lister (Geography, UNC)

Abiayala, which in the Indigenous Guna language means, “land in its full maturity,” is the name that many Indigenous nations and Indigenous organizations in this continent employ to refer to the “Americas.” This working group will use the term Abiayala to highlight the prominence of Indigenous Peoples’ rights movements. For the 2019-2020 academic year, we will focus on issues related to Indigenous struggles to defend their ancestral lands against economic extractivism and Indigenous migrations to the United States. With the topics of environmental justice and Indigenous migration, the working group will sponsor public talks by prominent Indigenous/Native scholars on these particular topics from the lens of Indigeneity in order to offer a better understanding of the causes of transnational migrations, and the impacts of economic extractivism on Indigenous ancestral territories.

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