This year the festival focuses on how film represents the dreams of many in the region, by the experience of baseball as one of the most important sports played and followed in the Americas; it also explores how art plays a role in the lives of young undocumented migrants and the victories and struggles of citizens of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during the past two decades. The film festival will encapsulate the fundamental relationship between life, sports, music, history and politics in the Americas. Audiences will enjoy the presence of filmmakers, scholars, musicians, and artists.

TU. SEP. 15. Mandela Auditorium. FedEx GEC, UNC-CH. 7.00 pm

PARAISO | PARADISE*. Mariana Chenillo / 105 min / Mexico / 2014.
Childhood sweethearts Carmen and Alfredo move into the bustling metropolis. Both are overweight and determined to lose it. But when only one of them actually starts to slim down, a rift emerges in their relationship. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

WED. SEP. 16. Griffith Film Theater (Bryan Center). Duke. 7.00 pm

SOY CUBA | I AM CUBA. Mikhail Kalatozov / 141 min / Cuba-USSR / 1964.
This study of Cuba captures the island before it made the transition to a post-revolutionary society.The film examines the problems caused by political oppression as well as by great discrepancies in wealth and power. (SPAN/ENG SUB)
MON. SEP. 21. Richard White Auditorium. Duke. Duke. 7.00 pm

LUCIA. Huberto Solás / 1968 / 160 min / Cuba.
Traces episodes in the lives of three Cuban women, each named Lucía, from three different historical periods: the Cuban war of independence (with Spain), the 1930’s, and the 1960’s. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

TU. SEP. 22. Mandela Auditorium. FedEx GEC, UNC-CH. 7 pm

LAS VACAS CON GAFAS | COWS WEARING GLASSES*. Alex Santiago Pérez / 90 min / Puerto Rico / 2014.
Marso, a lonely, eccentric painter and art professor, is losing his sight. As the world as he knows it comes to an end, he is now forced to re-examine an existence filled with professional successes but unsatisfying personal relationships. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

WED. SEP. 23. Richard White Auditorium. Duke. 7.00 pm

In 1961, in Cuba, the apolitical aspiring and frustrated writer Sergio Carmona Mendoyo stays in Cuba after the Revolution. He witnesses the reduction of supplies, such as gas and oil for the cars, while he recalls parts of his life. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

TH. SEP. 24. BN Duke Auditorium. NCCU. 7.00 pm

BUENOS AIRES RAP. Diane N. Ghogomu, Sebastian Muñoz, Segundo Bercetche / 110 min / Argentina / 2014.
The film looks at hip-hop culture’s effect in the capital city of Argentina. A historical journey from the 1970s to today’s vibrant rap scene in the context of spectacle and marginality in Buenos Aires. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

Performance to follow


FRI. SEP. 25. Mandela Auditorium. FedEx GEC, UNC-CH. 7.00pm

PAPITA, MANI, TOSTON. Luis Carlos Hueck / 90 min / Venezuela, 2013.
Andrés is a fan of Los Leones del Caracas, Julissa is a fan of Los Navegantes del Magallanes, the rival team. Andrés and Julissa will fall in love and will have to pretend to be fan of the other’s team. But soon trouble will arise. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

SAT. SEP. 26. Richard White Auditorium. Duke. 4.00 pm

H2O MX. Lorenzo Hagerman, Hose Cohen / 82 min / Mexico / 2014.
Can a megacity mobilize its 22 million citizens for sustainable water consumption? Mexico City was built in the middle of a lake. This film is an environmental case of study of the Valley of Mexico in its struggle to save itself from water shortage, while the population grows. (SPAN/ENG SUB)

EN LA ORILLA | ON THE EDGE. Xavier Basurto, Liza Hoos / 12 min / Mexico / 2015
En la orilla documents the struggles faced by a local fisherman named Gaspar and his family, whose sole source of income comes from the increasingly small catches they bring in each day from once-plentiful fishing grounds in the Gulf of California.
With the presence of the director

6.15 pm | RECEPTION | R. White Lobby

SAT. SEP. 26. Richard White Auditorium. Duke. 7 pm.

PELOTERO | BALLPLAYER. Guagua Productions, 80 min / Dominican Republic-USA / 2013.
An intimate portrait of two prospects as they navigate the calculating, mercenary and often corrupt elements that surround Major League Baseball’s recruitment of the island’s top talent. (ENG-SPAN / ENG SUB)

MON. SEP. 28. Carolina Theatre, Cinema 1. Durham. 7.00 pm

ART CONNECTIONS: TWO WAY BRIDGES | PUENTES DE DOBLE VIA. Mauricio Andrada, MRS / 30 min / Durham / 2015
A generation of young undocumented Latinos is graduating from high school; they do not find space in the social fabric of their new nation. Art Connections documents a project that established a temporary bridge between the Latino community and a university, through public art, film, and culture. (SPAN / ENG SUB)

BORDER CROSSING 101. Charles Thompson / 30 min / Durham / 2015
As part of the Two Way Bridges | Puentes de Doble Vía project, fifteen students in a Duke University class, entitled “The U.S./Mexico Border,” explore the meaning of borders, immigration, and access to education in America. In the end, the students have broken down personal barriers and stereotypes, but one major barrier remains. (ENG some SPAN)

With the presence of the Directors and the projects team and participants

8.30pm. Reception TOREROS RESTAURANT. Main St. and North Duke St. Durham. By invitation

MON. SEP. 28 to OCT. 4. Durham Arts Council, Space meeting 1.
An exhibit of 10 short video portraits by Latino Graduates on Higher Education for Undocumented Latino youth will be in display from September 28 to October 4, 2015. Part of the Two Way Bridges | Puentes de Doble Vía Project.

TU. SEP. 29. Carolina Theatre, Cinema 1. Durham. 7.00 pm

LIBERADOR | THE LIBERTADOR*. Alberto Arvelo / 119 min / Venezuela / 2014.
Simón Bolívar fought over 100 battles against the Spanish Empire in South America. He rode over 70,000 miles on horseback. His military campaigns covered twice the territory of those of Alexander the Great. But his army never conquered – it liberated. (SPAN /ENG SUB)

WED. SEP. 30. Franklin Center, 240. Duke. Noon to 1.30 pm
One session of Venezuelan shorts and a talk:
The Cinema of Venezuela 1995-2015 | El cine que hemos hecho en estos años (1995 – 2015”) by Haydeé Chavero G., Universidad Central de Venezuela.

NOSTALGIA. Gustavo Rondón / 18 min / Venezuela / 2010.

LA MULA MUERTA | DEATH MULE. de Rafael Velásquez / 12 min / Venezuela / 2011.

COLMILLO | FANG. Alvis Abreu / 19 min / Venezuela / 2010.

I WANNA SHINE. Prakrity Maduro / 8 min / Venezuela / 2011.

(SPAN / ENG SUB) Light Lunch will be served.

WED. SEP. 30. Griffith Film Theatre. 7pm | US Premiere

SWING CON SON. Rafael Marziano Tinoco / 132 min / Venezuela / 2009.
The film captures the musical tale of Billo Frometa and his famous Venezuelan Salsa band “La Billos Caracas Boys,” a tour de force with more than 60 musical pieces on screen. (SPAN / ENG SUB)

TH. OCT. 1. Full Frame Theatre, American Tobacco Campus. 7pm | World Premiere

DO MANGUE. Steve Berg / 75 min / Brazil / 2015.
The film director describes Do Mangue as “A film essay on prostitution, dance, and the late work of the Brazilian modernist poet Oswald de Andrade”.

With the presence of the director

FRI. OCT. 2. Mandela Auditorium. FedEx GEC. UNC-CH. 7pm. (TBF) | US Premiere

CORAZON DEL CIELO, CORAZON DE LA TIERRA. Eric Black, Frauke Sandig / 98 min / Guatemala / 2013
Six young Maya answer to the contemporary issues that face their people. Environmental and cultural destruction, spiritual and physical health are at the center of the struggle.

Documentary Films by Cuban Filmmaker Gustavo Pérez Fernández

SEVERO SECRETO | SEVERO SECRET. Work-in-progress / 30 min / Cuba / 2015.

EL VIAJE | JOURNEY. 20 min / Cuba / 2010.



(SPAN / ENG SUB) With the presence of the director | Q&A to follow the screening

SUN. OCT 4. Century Center, Carrboro. NC. 4.30 pm.

THE PERFECT GAME | UN BUEN JUEGO. William Dear / 118 min / USA-Latino / 2010.Based on a true story, a group of boys from Monterrey, Mexico who become the first non-U.S. team to win the Little League World Series in 1957. Based on a true story.

UN BUEN CARNICERO | A GOOD BUTCHER. Victoria Bouloubasis / 22 min / NC/Latino / 2014.
Un Buen Carnicero goes behind the courtesies of the butcher’s counter on the eve of Independence Day to explore the complex realities of immigrant life while celebrating America’s freedom and questioning its convenience. (SPAN -ENG / ENG SUB)

With the presence of the director and major characters of the film


WED. OCT. 7. Mandela Auditorium. FedEx GEC. UNC-CH. 7pm. | US Premier

LA CARRETERA | THE HIGHWAY. Viktor Hernández / 12 min / El Salvador-USA / 2015.
In the highway things happen. A fun trip can become a nightmare, it all starts at The Highway. (SPAN / ENG SUB)
With the presence of the director

LA MALA CRIANZA | THE CROW’S NEST*. Arturo Menéndez / 70 min / El Salvador / 2014.
Don Cleo, a humble piñata salesman receives an extortion letter at his doorstep. If Don Cleo hopes to survive, he’ll have to face his fears and stand up to his tormentors.

FRI. OCT. 9. BN Duke Auditorium. NCCU. 7pm

LA PROMESA | THE PROMISE. Rubén Reyes / 14 min / USA-Latino / 2015
Local short based on classic gangster films.

With the presence of the director.

ESCLAVO DE DIOS | GOD’S SLAVE. Joel Novoa / 90 min / Venezuela / 2013.
Inspired by true events, “God’s Slave” is the story of Ahmed and David, two extremist characters, one Islamic and the other Jewish, one living in Venezuela and the other in Argentina, who cross paths while being on opposite sides of the conflict in the A.M.I.A bombings that took place in 1994 in Buenos Aires.

TU. OCT. 13. Mandela Auditorium. FedEx GEC. UNC-CH. 7.00 pm

YVY MARAEY, TIERRA SIN MAL | LAND WITHOUT EVIL*. Juan Carlos Valdivia / 105 min / Bolivia / 2014.
A Bolivian filmmaker and a Guaraní Indian travel together through the forests of southeastern Bolivia to make a film about the Guaraní people. Yvy Maraey is a quest for the knowledge within, seen through the eyes of the other. Here learning comes from another form of seeing—listening. The film combines reality with the epic tale of a heroic indigenous nation.

All films are in Spanish, Spanish-English, Portuguese, Maya, Guarani, English, with English and/or Spanish subtitles.

Organized by The Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. This event is made possible through funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the US Department of Education. Co-sponsored by the Duke Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Duke Screen/Society, Duke Arts of the Moving Image, Duke Center for Documentary Studies, Duke Women’s Studies, Duke Literature Program, Duke Humanities Writ Large, the Duke Brazil Initiative and the Global Brazil Lab, the Institute for the Study of the Americas at UNC-CH, the Latino Migration Project at UNC-CH, UNC-CH Romance Studies, the Center for Global Initiatives at UNC-CH, the Duke-UNC Middle East Studies Center, PRAGDA, North Carolina Central University, the Carolina Theatre of Durham, and the Durham Arts Council.

The Venezuelan series is possible thanks to the Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía de Venezuela (CNAC) in collaboration with the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, and the New York University Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Curated by Aydeé Chavero and Miguel Rojas-Sotelo.

2015 NCLAFF Program

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