2015 ADFP Summer Workshop

June 28-30, 2015

Integrating African, Afro-Latin American and African American Studies into the Classroom

IMG_5805During June 28-30, 2015 a small group of middle and high school teachers participated in a summer workshop at UNC-Chapel Hill focusing on key thematic areas and resources related to African American, Afro-Latin, and African Studies.  The ADFP Planning Team also participated in this workshop and collaborated with the teachers to explore potential content areas for the 2016 Summer Institute, get feedback on the Summer Institute design, and discuss ways to make the overall ADFP program as impactful as possible.


Program Resources:

Visit the ADFP online research guide at the University of North Carolina libraries site here.

View the ADFP Summer Workshop pre-readings and other resources here.

View our #adfp2015 tweets collected in Storify.


This is what our 2015 Summer Workshop participants had to say about their experience…

IMG_5759_2“I loved that it was interactive and that we were given so many different resources to utilize.  Learning about each of the different perspectives and each of the sessions was AMAZING. I learned so much valuable information to take back to my classroom.  Everyone was valuable and so happy to help explain things further. I enjoyed that I was able to speak and question freely.”

ADFP Kia's presentation“The topics also made me question how I view myself in this country and how that impacts my relationship with my students on daily basis. This workshop has given me numerous ideas on how to incorporate the diaspora into the ancient civilization curriculum.”

“It has been an open window for me, it helped me realize that we/I need to tell the truth to our students thought the content of our curriculum.”

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