Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema – Fall 2018

Course Number: AMES 151, LIT 211, AMI 253, VMS 231

Course Attributes: CCI, R, ALP, CZ

Course Time: Tues. & Thurs., 3:05pm – 4:20pm

Course Description:

This course will investigate sources of vitality in twentieth-century Indian cinema and the resilience of popular cinema in the face of Hollywood. Students will view both narrative and non-narrative expressive forms in folk and high culture in India. Students of this course will watch works of Guru Dutt, Satyajit Ray, G. Aravindan, and Mani Kaul.

Satti KhannaFaculty Biography:

Satti Khanna teaches courses in Indian Cinema and Hindi Literature but his love is the Hindi language, which he learned in childhood, in addition to his native Punjabi.  His classes are intensely interactive.  He prizes the use of Indian films to communicate culture.




India Cinema