Chinese Media and Pop Culture – Fall 2017

Course numbers: AMES 435S, ISS 435, POLSCI 435

Course attribution: ALP, SS, CCI

Course Description:

The course examines contemporary Chinese media and popular culture within the context of globalization. The primary modes of inquiry are cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and comparative, focusing on how China views itself and constructs its global images, and how the world views China through media and popular culture. The primary objective is to understand political, ideological and social changes since the Reform Era that began in 1978. It explores different aspects of Chinese media (traditional news press, radio and TV, and the internet and social media), and popular culture such as cinema, popular music and fashions, and global perception and media coverage of China.

Professor biography:

Professor Kang Liu has taught Chinese Studies at Duke University since 2003. His current research project covers global public opinion surveys of China’s image, Chinese soft power and public diplomacy, Chinese media and popular culture, political and ideological changes in China.