The Center for European Studies offers and supports a myriad of programming focused on Europe across the humanities, social sciences and professional schools. We organize international conferences, sponsor regional seminar series, and play host to distinguished European speakers and scholars. Our conferences investigate topics of major relevance to European politics and culture. We draw on Duke’s particular strengths in the humanities and social sciences to set an innovative, interdisciplinary research agenda into Europe’s current challenges and their global impact. Our program reflects our extensive international exchanges with European universities and research centers, and we ambitiously seek to form a trans-Atlantic research agenda stamped with Duke’s unique intellectual imprint.

Mellon Projects




Regional Seminar Series

Triangle Intellectual History Seminar

In recent years intellectual history has re-established itself as a distinct and vital field of scholarship, with a new attention to the social and cultural contexts of thought as well as to language, rhetoric, and meaning. Even as the field has applied insights from a broad range of disciplines, and especially from literary studies and philosophy, its practitioners have sought an understanding of thinkers, ideas, and texts that is emphatically historical.


North Carolina Jewish Studies Seminar

Since its inception in 2001, the North Carolina Jewish Studies Seminar has gained a reputation as one of the more acclaimed intellectual meeting grounds in the area, bringing together faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars who discuss various aspects of Jewish history and culture. Monthly meetings discuss current work by either seminar members or internationally renowned guests. Scholars from throughout North Carolina attend, and the seminar has become the major venue for scholarly interaction among the Triangle’s Jewish Studies scholars.


Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar

A collaborative effort between Duke, North Carolina State, and UNC-Chapel Hill, the Triangle Medieval Studies Seminar offers a humanities-based, interdisciplinary forum for the study of history, art history, religious studies, literature, music, women’s studies and more ca. 50-1500, focusing on Europe, Byzantium and the Islamic world along with other regions.


North Carolina German Studies Seminar

The North Carolina German Studies Seminar and Workshop Series seeks to foster intellectual exchange among students, scholars and the wider community at both public and private institutions of higher learning.


Center for the History of Political Economy

The mission of the Center for the History of Political Economy is to promote and support research in, and the teaching of, the history of economics.


Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Technology & Medicine

Interdisciplinary in nature, the ultimate goal of the program is to allow students to explore from their particular intellectual perspective the relationship of the sciences, technology, and medicine to humanistic forms of knowledge.


Political Theory Seminar

The Political Theory Colloquium gathers faculty and graduate students from around the University to hear visiting speakers and to discuss their work. Speakers cover a broad range of topics and represent a wide variety of approaches to political theory.


Research Triangle Seminar Series on the History of Military, War and Society

This standing seminar on the “History of the Military, War and Society,” started in January 2006. The primary purpose is to provide a forum for historians working on issues relating to war, peace and society and in the field of a most broadly defined history of the military.


Triangle Global British History Seminar

This seminar is focused largely on the history of early modern and modern British and British imperial history.


Russia and Its Empires

This seminar operates basically as a workshop and participants include academics and PhD students engaging in all aspects of Russia, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.


Carolina Seminars French History and Culture

This seminar draws on recent work in the fields of French history, literary studies, and art history to explore evolving issues in French-American intellectual exchanges and the evolving role of intellectuals in both American and French societies.


CES Research Scholars

The Center for European Studies also strives to create a strong and unified community of students and scholars to encourage discussion and research. To this end, the CES created a forum of Research Scholars to support research by outstanding graduate and professional students and visiting scholars, and to further deepen interest in the interdisciplinary study of Europe.


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