Revolution Graffiti: Street Art of Egypt

17 SEP 2013

The 25 January revolution in Egypt opened the flood-gates for a wave of street art. Decades of oppression and despair suddenly were turned into optimism, a new-born vitality and energy, allowing people to explore new freedoms – including the right to make art freely. Revolution Graffiti introduces the diverse art scene that exists in Egypt today, a scene that is comprised of many graffiti artists and activists with dynamic messages and styles.The Swedish photographer Mia Gröndahl has documented and followed the graffiti movement in Egypt from its beginning in January 2011. Her work has resulted in the book “Revolution Graffiti – Street Art of the New Egypt”, and can be followed by the same title at Facebook.


Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Mia Gröndahl
  • Dates: September 16, 2013 - November 22, 2013
  • Location: Main Gallery, John Hope Franklin Center
  • Contact: Kelly Schwehm,