Our Consortium of Programs

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

AMES is an innovative program dedicated to providing world-class education for twenty-first century global citizenship. Rethinking conventional modes of inquiry, AMES crosses disciplinary and regional boundaries and links cultural and historical transformations across Asia in a global context.



Council for North American Studies

Duke has a strong tradition in Canadian Studies dating back more than three decades. Over the years, we have graduated more than 100 PhDs whose work has focused on Canada. Today, these former students teach at leading universities across Canada and the United States.



Center for European Studies

The mission of the Duke Center for European Studies (CES) is to encourage interdisciplinary study, debate and discussion regarding Europe. The CES cultivates and supports all manner of intellectual life focused on Europe at Duke, acts as a catalyst for scholarship on Europe, and provides a unifying community for scholars of Europe at Duke.



Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies creates a supportive, intellectually stimulating and interdisciplinary environment for students, faculty and community members interested in the study of Latin America & the Caribbean.



Concilium on Southern Africa

The Concilium on Southern Africa is an interdisciplinary network of faculty committed to widening and deepening relationships between Duke University and the countries and peoples of Southern Africa, and offering ongoing opportunities on the Duke campus for faculty and students to engage with Southern African concerns.



Diplomat in Residence

Annually, the U.S. Department of State assigns Senior Foreign Service Officers to the position of Diplomat in Residence (DIR) at a select number of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Since shortly after moving to the John Hope Franklin Center in 2001, the Duke University Center for International Studies has been host to a U.S. State Department Diplomat in Residence.



Duke Islamic Studies Center

The Duke Islamic Studies Center is a vibrant, diverse community of scholars and students engaged in interdisciplinary teaching, interactive learning, and cutting-edge research about Islam and Muslims.



Duke University Center for International Studies

The Duke University Center for International Studies (DUCIS) promotes internationalization across our campus and beyond. We accomplish this through curriculum innovation, instruction in new languages, expanding international holdings in the Duke Library, programs that explore global themes, bringing international visitors to Duke, travel support for graduate and undergraduate students’ research abroad, among other means.



Duke University Center for South Asian Studies

The Duke Center for South Asian Studies is dedicated to the interdisciplinary and cross-schools study of and research in that part of the world labeled South Asia.



Duke University Middle East Studies Center

The Duke University Middle East Studies Center (DUMESC) is a hub for research, education, and outreach that serves as a forum at the local, national and international levels.