Activism and Protest

15 JAN 2013

Select images from the

Durham Civil Rights Heritage Project

January 14 – March, 2013

One of a newspaper’s most significant contributions to its community is documenting its life and history through photography.
Over the years, The Herald-Sun and its predecessors, the Durham Morning Herald and The Durham Sun, have done just that. Among the most valuable images the paper’s photographers have captured are images of the civil right struggle, images which can help to keep the memory of that struggle alive as those who lived it grow older and pass from the scene.
The photos in this exhibit are especially meaningful to me, as I was here in Durham in the late 1960s as a Duke student, in the midst of that transformative era. And after I returned here in 2005 as editor, I was privileged to get to know Dr. John Hope Franklin in the last years of his life.
The Herald-Sun is honored that its photographs from that period can be part of this exhibit today.

Bob Ashley
The Herald-Sun


Exhibit Details

  • Location: Main Gallery, John Hope Franklin Center