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What to Do About Venezuela

On October 27, 2016, Duke’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Director Patrick Duddy spoke on a panel entitled, “What to Do About Venezuela” as part of the HBO and the Council on Foreign Relations “What to Do About…” series. Read more here: http://www.cfr.org/venezuela/hbo-do-venezuela/p38427 The video begins at 24.39:  

Health and Healing in Africa

Course numbers: HISTORY 205.01, GLHLTH 201.01 Course codes: CCI, STS, CIV, SS Course description: “Health and Healing in Africa” introduces students to how people in various parts of Africa experienced, explained, and treated “health” and “illness” before and during contact with biomedicine. We will examine how people chose, and continue to choose, from multiple etiologies […]


Course numbers: AMES 321, RELIGION 321   Course codes: CCI, R, ALP, CZ   Course Description: Rumi is the iconic love poet of Islam, and one of the great mystical visionaries in history. This course explores Rumi’s traditional erotic love poetry, where human and Divine love mingle. All reads are in English. Open to all. No […]

Indigenous Resistance & Revolution: Mexico and Central America

Course Numbers: LATAMER 490S, ROMST 490S, ICS 490S, CULANTH 490S   Course code: CCI, EI, CZ, SS   Course description: Interdisciplinary study of geographical, historical, economic, governmental, political, and cultural aspects of modern Latin America and the current issues facing the region. Instructor: Dr. Irma Alicia Velasquez Nimatuj Dr. Velásquez Nimatuj is the 2017 Mellon Visiting Professor at […]

Screening the Holocaust: Jews, WWII, and World Cinema

Course numbers: AMES 341A, AMI 263S, JEWISHST 266S, LIT 263S   Course codes: CCI, EI, ALP, CZ   Course description: Screening the Holocaust surveys WWII and Jewish Holocaust films from Europe, the United States, and Israel. The course explores divergent cinematic strategies employed to represent what is commonly deemed as “beyond representation”. The class will examine […]

Culture and Environment in Modern Chinese History

Course number: HISTORY 514S Course codes: CCI, EI, STS, CZ, SS Course description: This course is an examination of the changing patterns through which the physical environment and culture are mutually formed in late imperial and modern China. Culture includes the creation of cosmological and social ideas as well as the long-term practices of settlement […]

Poetic Cinema

Course numbers: AMES 311S, VMS 354S, AMI 266S, ICS 311S Course codes: CCI, ALP, CZ Course description: Poetic Cinema will inquire into sources of “resonance” in international cinema with emphasis on films from Asia and the Middle East. The object of the course is to describe aspects of film construction which conduce to intense experience […]

The Western Hemisphere Policy Agenda

by Mitchell Li Duke’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies invited Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas, to speak about the current economic, social, and political state of Latin America and its impact the US. Latin America has recently seen some positive political change, from the general […]

Manno Charlemagne performs at Duke

by Catherine Angst “Òganizasyon mondyal yo pa pou nou yo ye…” Manno Charlemagne voice reverberates through Duke’s Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall in his native Haitian Creole. Charlemagne’s velvet vocals harmonize with his acoustic guitar as he repeats to the large crowd, “Òganizasyon mondyal yo pa pou nou yo ye…” a message that translates roughly as, “Global organizations are not in our interest”. As a singer and […]