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Dancing from the Inside/Out

by Kelley Reardon As part of the Wednesday at the Center series, the John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies welcomed internationally acclaimed Canadian dancer and choreographer Margie Gillis to give a lecture called “Dancing from the Inside/Out”. The John Hope Franklin Center and the Duke Dance Department co-hosted the event, in which […]

Geopolitics of Feminisms in Afghanistan

by Kelley Reardon As part of the Wednesday at the Center series, the John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies welcomed Jennifer Fluri, Ph.D. to give a lecture called “The Geopolitics of Feminisms in Afghanistan”. The John Hope Franklin Center and the Duke University Middle East Studies Center co-hosted the packed event, which […]

Double Bind: Women of Color in STEM

by Kelley Reardon Duke University’s Center for International and Global Studies welcomed Ruthie Lyle, Ph.D. on February 6th, 2019 to discuss the challenges faced by minority women in the science, technolog, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields in a Wednesdays at the Center lecture. Lyle focused on the advantages, challenges, and future outlook for minority women […]

Spring 2019 – Wednesdays at the Center

Wednesdays at the Center (W@TC) is a topical weekly series in which scholars, artists, journalists, and others speak informally about their work in conversation with the audience. This semester the John Hope Franklin Center is proud to collaborate with partners across Duke and throughout the larger academic community to present a discipline diverse series. Join us on […]

Millennial Capitalism: Global Perspectives – Spring 2019

Course Number: CULANTH 530S Course Attributes: CCI, CZ, R, SS Course Description: This course historicizes the conditions under which a specific form of capitalism emerges; one primarily focused on financialization and debt. Students begin by looking to the inception of market capitalism in the Atlantic world accounting for its cultural logics: How race and racism operate in […]

Introduction to African Studies – Spring 2019

Course Number: AAAS 103, CULANTH 105, HIST 129, POLSCI 108, ICS 110 Course Attributes: ALP, CCI, CZ Course Description: This course offers a broad introduction to the archaeology, history, politics, language, culture, aesthetics, and religion of African peoples. With the help of a variety of sources—scholarly works by historians, anthropologists, literary figures, filmmakers, and journalist—we will […]

Development and Africa – Spring 2019

Course Number: AAAS 307, CULANTH 307, PUBPOL 207, ICS 308 Course Attribute: CCI, CZ, SS Course Description: This course addresses the vexed issue of economic development in Africa with its many failures and occasional successes from the early colonial period to the present. Course materials focus especially on the transition from the 1960s “modernizing” moment to […]

U.S. Policy in Latin America – Spring 2019

Course Number: PUBPOL 590-04, LATAMER 590-04, POLSCI 690-2-04 Course Time: Tuesdays 4:40 p.m. – 7:10 p.m. Course Description:  To the extent possible, this course will examine the major elements of U.S. policy toward the hemisphere as expressed in the planning documents, policy pronouncements and legislation of the U.S. government.  We will attempt to answer the […]

African Economic Development – Spring 2019

Course Number: ECON 347 Course Attributes: R, SS, W Course Description:  Today, Africa presents two seemingly contradictory faces. As a continent, the economy has been growing briskly. It is in process of transformation with modern infrastructure and glittering megacities. Investors from Europe, China and elsewhere flock to Africa. Yet, in the South of Sahel, about […]

Poetic Cinema – Spring 2019

Course numbers: AMES 311S, VMS 354S, AMI 266S, ICS 311S Course Attributes: CCI, ALP, CZ Course Description: Poetic Cinema will inquire into sources of “resonance” in international cinema with an emphasis on films from Asia and the Middle East. The object of the course is to describe aspects of film construction which conduce to intense experience […]