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The newly-launched Global Justice and Equity Fellowship (GJE) offers current advanced Duke PhD students (post-prelim and post-field work completed) whose dissertations are situated in international or regional studies and make an important contribution to advancing understanding of racial, social and equitable justice. This fellowship offers full, twelve-month financial support, a cohort experience and professional development opportunities

The inspiration for this fellowship lies in the work of John Hope Franklin, particularly his pursuit of justice through scholarship and public engagement. Together with a cohort of researchers bringing insights from different world regions and disciplinary perspectives, fellows will consider the structural barriers to global justice—including legacies of colonialism, capitalism, and globalization—and pathways to overcome these barriers—engaging questions of what we owe one another, redistribution, participation, empowerment, and social transformation, among other themes.

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My research examines pathways through which structural racism produces differential outcomes for Black workers and practices to challenge and eliminate these structures. Similar to Dr. Franklin, I have a particular interest in the American South. Participating in the Global Justice and Equity Fellowship has gifted me a community of interdisciplinary colleagues whose scholarship, like mine, is dedicated to advancing our understanding of fairness, equity, and justice across the globe

Adrienne Jones, joint degree PhD student in Public Policy and Sociology (Current GJE Fellow)

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