You can’t have a high standard of scholarship without having a high standard of integrity, because the essence of scholarship is truth.

—Dr. John Hope Franklin

The John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies (JHFC) stands as a distinctive coalition area studies centers and initiatives dedicated to redefining the acquisition and exchange of knowledge.

Enthusiasts from a diverse array of academic fields converge within the Center to delve into intellectual inquiries, tackling some of contemporary society's most critical social and political subjects: from matters of race and race relations, encompassing equality and prospects within heterogeneous communities, as well as the consequences of swift globalization. At its essence, the Center embarks on a quest to unite humanists and social sciences scholars within an environment that sparks robust scholarship and innovative partnerships. This encompasses historians, professors, artists, and literary scholars, all contributing to the greater good.

Inspired by the remarkable example set by John Hope Franklin – a revered Duke professor emeritus, historian, intellectual trailblazer, and lifelong advocate for civil rights – the Franklin Center nurtures novel avenues for academic inquiry and learning, simultaneously extending captivating opportunities to the broader community.

Situated along the bus route and conveniently reachable by foot from other sectors of Duke's campuses, the Center stands as an accessible hub for residents from Durham and the Triangle region, extending an open invitation to engage in and partake in workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and other public gatherings.

The John Hope Franklin Center endeavors to fuse historical knowledge with present-day queries, blending global outlooks with local preoccupations and bridging timeless scholarship with contemporary thinking.