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Brannon and Lemur

Liz Brannon — Seminar on Numerical Cognition

By On December 3, 2013

Professor Liz Brannon of Duke spoke at our last Uni seminar of the semester on the very cool topic of numerical cognition in humans and other animals. Her talk focused on research… Read More


U.S. Counterterrorism Twelve Years After 9/11: A Report Card

By On September 12, 2013

On the twelfth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, University Scholars gathered in Page Auditorium on Duke’s West Campus with over 1000 other audience members to listen to General David Petraeus’s conversation… Read More


Graduating University Scholars Meet with Melinda Gates

By On July 16, 2013

  On Saturday, May 11, 2013, Melinda Gates met with the University Scholars and with DukeEngage students Durham, NC – Melinda Gates called on Duke graduates Sunday to “change the way you… Read More


On the Theme of Reason(s)

By On September 10, 2013

This year’s symposium theme grew out of conversations around a number of other potential topics, all of which seemed to intersect in the concept of Reason (as in the human faculty to… Read More


Nourhan Elsayed — ‘Topless Jihad’: Fighting Oppression with Oppression?

By On July 16, 2013

by NOURHAN ELSAYED for ISLAMiCommentary on JUNE 12, 2013: I did a double-take when I saw the words “Topless Jihad” in a news headline earlier this Spring. My first thought was “editorial… Read More


Summer Enrichment II

By On December 1, 2013

USP Seminar 11/5/13 – Undergrad Enrichment Seminar During this seminar Arun Karottu (Trinity ’15), Yavuz Açikalin (Trinity ’14), and Linda Cao (Trinity ’14) reported on how they used their Uni undergrad enrichment… Read More

Chisom in Tanzania

Summer enrichment seminar

By On November 26, 2013

Three undergrad Unis recently presented on their cool summer enrichment experiences: Bora Kang, Chisom Amalunweze, and Paul Wright. I’ll summarize some of the high points of their summers.   Bora Kang spent the summer… Read More