Centropa Summer Academy | Scholarship Guidelines

The Duke Center for European Studies & the Duke University Center for International Studies invites scholarship applications for NC K-12 educators participating in the 2014 Centropa Summer Academy  The Duke Center for European Studies is committed to creating, through its continued collaboration with Centropa, opportunities for pedagogical innovation in the teaching of European history for K-12 educators in North Carolina.  Centropa Summer Academy Centropa’s eighth annual summer academy will take place in Vienna and Sarajevo from July 9-17, 2014.  You

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Imagining Europe

Prof. Helen Solterera Tues/Thurs 2:50-4:05pm | Old Chem 025 Spring 2014   A Babel of Languages? An Economic Union?   The idea of Europe conjures up a variety of images – today at a time of crisis, as throughout its rich history. In this course, we’ll investigate European culture, the ideas that define it, the fiction that shape it. Sharing no one language, Europe boasts many. Creators have experimented with multilingualism over centuries. More than a “Euro” zone, it’s a community

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Pascale Casanova: A Digital Discussion

A digital forum will be launched around the work of Pascale Casanova. This digital format offers a simple way for scholars to interact with her as a member of the Duke community, to engage further with her thinking, and to provide an additional and experimental resource to students. Conducted in English, the aim of this forum is to stimulate debate around her work, starting with her book on Kafka, published in 2012, and issues stemming from her World Republic of

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Graduate Interdisciplinary European Studies Certificate

The Center for European Studies aims to be a pioneer in the interdisciplinarity configuration of area studies work towards an area-based, but not area-bound, perspective. In this context, the Center for European Studies offers a graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary European Studies.

European Studies Disciplines

Many disciplines at Duke place an emphasis on Europe as an academic area of study for undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students.

Exchange Programs

Vienna International Summer University  The exchange program with Vienna International Summer University (VISU) has been operating successfully since its inception in 2001. Of particular interest to Duke’s faculty and graduate students is its flagship program, Scientific World Conceptions.   Each July, an international group of about thirty-five graduate students and postdocs, and three renowned scholars – philosophers, scientists and historians – meet for two weeks in Vienna for intensive study – lectures, seminars and workshops – of a central issue in science and

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Global Opportunities for Undergraduates

Opportunities for undergraduate students to explore Europe through a variety of programs exist at Duke. DukeEngage offers students a unique experience through immersive service. Meanwhile, the Global Education Office for Undergraduates administers both semester- and summer-long programs, as well as helps students find non-Duke administered approved programs.